Dark Heart


When her husband dies in a car crash, Brielle Heart, 35, is given a sealed envelope with a letter from her husband that warns: It was not an accident. Be careful. Enter James Hunter, FBI agent and serial killer profiler, who believes Bri’s husband was involved in a worldwide criminal network. Worse, Hunter believes Bri’s husband was connected to a serial killer Hunter has pursued for years.


After she is attacked in her home, and now fearing for her life, Bri teams up with Hunter to unravel her husband’s secrets. Every discovery—a safe deposit box key, a mysterious photo from college, an unknown phone with strange text messages, a black paper heart, and even anagrammatic clues from her own subconscious where she has always been the best puzzle solver—leads to more questions. These questions lead to murders.


When people close to her start dying, Bri grows desperate to unravel the mystery and not be the next victim. From a suburban town in New York to a swamp in Florida, Bri and Hunter track killers as they are in turn stalked, and the truths they discover will change everything Bri has ever believed about her husband and herself.
And the greatest truth may be that the darkest heart can be virtuous.