Whitesands by Johann Thorsson


In the frantic search for his daughter two years ago, homicide detective John Dark overreached and was demoted. 

Now suddenly back into the homicide department, John Dark is put on a chilling case – a man who killed his wife in their locked house and then dressed the body up to resemble a deer, but claims to remember none of it. A few days later an impossibly similar case crops up connecting the suspects to a prep school and a thirty year old missing persons’ case. 

Just as John Dark is getting back into his old groove, a new lead in his daughter’s disappearance pops up and threatens to derail his career again.

Time is running out and John Dark needs to solve the case before more people are killed, and while there is still hope to find his daughter.

In the style of True Detective and Silence of the Lambs, WHITESANDS is a thrilling supernatural crime novel.

Advance praise for Whitesands

“Tense, breakneck storytelling. WHITESANDS is a dash of Thomas Harris swirled with supernatural elements that leave you speeding through the pages.”

Kristi DeMeester, author of SUCH A PRETTY SMILE and BENEATH

Johann Thorsson’s fast-moving debut WHITESANDS, packs enough incident for a novel twice its size, until it’s impossible to turn the pages fast enough.

John Langan, Stoker Award-winning author of The Fisherman and Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies

Whitesands is a haunting, thrilling book that has the twists and turns of The Killing, the blend of realism and the supernatural in True Detective, and the heartbreak of The Lovely Bones. A captivating story of love, loss, and justice.

Richard Thomas, Thriller nominee

A fantastic blending of genres in the hands of a gifted storyteller. Part psychological thriller, part supernatural police procedural—think The Sinner meets Behind Her Eyes, WHITESANDS made my spine crawl and has an ending that felt perfect. More please, Mr Thorsson

Mark Matthews, Shirley Jackson nominee

An expert blending of detective thriller and dark-tinged supernatural that not only defies genre, but expectations. Heartfelt, horrifying, and the introduction to one of the more interesting heroes of detective fiction in quite a while!

Barry Napier, author of the Cooper M. Reid series

“This book has it all: horror, crime, the supernatural.” –


One of the best thrillers I have read this year. Left me speechless and desperate for the sequel.

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